In Solitude you can find success

DC Constant
3 min readNov 17, 2020

Sometimes it’s when your alone you can become aligned

There are some things you can only learn in solitude that you can’t learn in any other capacity.

Being alone or in this sense of solitude can bring about within you a sense of clarity and direction. It can sometimes bring your mind to this increasing halt. There are three main things I myself have learned in solitude that brought me to a mindset of success within myself.

1. You can no longer go 80 miles an hour

Usually in solitude the race of life comes to a halt. Going fast does not mean your on the path to success or that you’re making progress. Everyday it seems your on the run, get up, quickly shower, and get right to work, and then try to cram in throughout the day errands you need done.

All of this is done with you driving in the fast lane, moving constantly without a pause or a thought. However, solitude takes you from The Fast and The Furious to the Slow and the Steady.

You are forced to be still and to think which is the first effect.

2. You can hear yourself think

You become more conscious of what’s around you and can tune out all of the noise that’s under commotion in your head. The news, your parents, ill-guided advice given by loved ones, social media etc. The only voice that now matters is your own.

Sometimes in life we may have so many voices in our head telling us what to think or do. And sadly sometimes within that group of voices, none of them are our own.

In solitude we come to figure out not what the masses want, but what do we want? What do we desire, and how do we see things?

The next time when your trying to accomplish something and that voice starts to creep in, telling you, you can’t do it or why even try? Ask yourself this. Is this my voice saying this or the voice of someone else?

3. You take inventory of those around you

When you are in solitude, you start to reflect on past choices and decisions. You also reflect on where you are at in life. I do believe we are exactly where we need to be, however there’s always that opportunity to examine how we can get to where we need to be. Sounds like a contradiction but its not.

Want to know why?

Because just like a stockperson in a grocery store taking inventory of all the items in stock, we do the same with everything and everyone in our lives. Realizing what and who it is they have around them. There’s no changing that. But in taking inventory they also realize what amount of stock is necessary for the store. Therefore we should always take necessary stock of what’s in our life.

And one of the many ways to do that is to take stock of the relationships of those we have around us. We find in solitude it’s the best time to take inventory of the stock that others around us bring. We then start to take a good look those around you, family friends, significant others.

Do you see any common denominators? Do they at all reflect where you want to be at life? Or merely where you already are?

Now, we don’t have to drop everyone like it’s hot. However, what value do they bring to the table? What do they contribute to your life? And let’s flip the switch and also ask ourselves what do you contribute to theirs?

With Solitude can come Alignment

When all of three of these sentiments are underway while in solitude, it allows your mindset to shift. It allows you to take your time, taking inventory of the relationships around you. In addition you can begin to find out what really aligns with you and where you see yourself headed in life. Because solitude can bring about the ultimate alignment if utilized correctly. Alignment with your actions, words thoughts and with others around you can in turn transform your reality.



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